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astado international

Bhabrian wala adalat garha road
51310 sialkot

Tel: 0092 3341437777
Fax: 0092 254821
E-mail: homabcn@gmail.com

Stoisko: 8a.A5.1 (pawilon 8A)

Dear customer.
We, at ASTADO INTERNATIONAL, producing the best of Dental and Instruments sterilization products, dental implant tools, boxes for surgical kits, maintaining and keeping in control the quality standards of the products and fulfilling our customer requirements.

Within 20 years of its establishments, due to its strong leading management team role, positive professional approach, and skilled plus trained worker, the organization has boosted into, one of the top most ranking safety and life saving devised brand name existing in the international market as

We understand the delivery times are the most important and common requirements of our customers. This realization allows us to serve cost effective manner.

We are looking forward to serve you.
Astado international