Prof_LosterDear Sirs,

     The PTS@CEDE2015 „Clinical Dentistry” conference is an exceptional event during which Science meets Clinical. It consist of not only of lectures involving a new vision of dentistry but also introduces a new formula of interactive presentations which allows for the exchange of these ideas between the audience and the speakers.

     Presenting the latest developments in dentistry in all its disciplines will allow you to choose the solutions best fitting to the character of your own practice. All the lecturers invited to this conference are aware of our target, which is to present ideas in a way which will help you to enrich you own practice with new methods of treating and of dealing with the needs of your patients. The Polish Dental Society is a guarantor of the quality of our conference.

      This year’s conference precedes an event without precedence in the history of Polish Dentistry. In September 2016, instead of the annual PTS@CEDE event, we will celebrate the FDI Annual World Dental Conference. This, the biggest event in world dentistry, will take place in Poznan on 7th to 10th September 2016. We will all have the opportunity to listen to the best lecturers from the whole world and to compare our every-day experience with the newest achievements of world dentistry. We shall therefore have an exceptional opportunity to host our dental colleagues from all over the world, here in Poland, and to show them our best.

      I encourage you to save time for the very special meeting next year and to meet in Poznań this year for the annual PTS@CEDE conference. I also believe that we should meet every year in the friendly, professional world of PTS@CEDE.

      We are creating a new dental world of quality, based on a mutual understanding of our targets and on building a new and even better profession. I am convinced that this will be source of a satisfaction by its fulfillment of our tasks and what is equally important, provides the possibility of direct contact with those people so important to our profession, the manufacturers of the newest products, instruments and equipment.

We invite you cordially to attend and hope to see you in Poznań!

The President of the Polish Dental Society


Prof. dr hab. n. med. Bartłomiej W. Loster
The Scientific Director of the Conference PTS@CEDE2015