LASER SHOW is to be held in Poland for the first time ever, in one of the biggest dental fairs in this part of Europe!

Just a dozen or so years ago, using microscopes and intraoral scanners in a dental office, let alone 3D printers, was simply unimaginable, unheard of, and often, many believed, unjustified. The last few decades have witnessed an unquestionable leap in the development of technology in many areas of our lives. Reality, especially in terms of technology, is changing before our very eyes with every day that passes. Processors once reserved for computers are today found in smartphones and other devices in common use throughout the world. Today we are using various technologies that until recently were the exclusive preserve of highly specialised branches of science and industry.

Despite the fact that laser technology has been available on the market for many years now, many people remain sceptical about this method. This may be due to the fact that many dentists have until now been able to work successfully without lasers and do not see any need to change their habits. However, they may end up paying for the misconception that you cannot use lasers in every day practice without having extensive knowledge of physics and biophysics. It is puzzling that we have fewer qualms about going to an opthalmologist for laser treatment for glaucoma, cataracts and various other vascular diseases and yet find it hard to believe that lasers can be equally effective in dentistry.

Lasers often entail less painful, less invasive and at the same time more comprehensive treatment. The question thus is not whether we ought to interest oursleves in laser technology, but rather should we do so today or tomorrow?

We invite you to a dozen or so lectures on the practical use of various types of lasers. The lectures will be given by specialists from different areas of dentistry.