How to get there

Poznań International Fair is located in the centre of the city opposite the main railway station - Poznań Główny, in the centre of Poland and in the centre of Europe.

piktogram_auto_new_50px      By car

Poznań is located at the crossroads of important international routes: E-30 - Berlin-Warsaw-Moscow and E-261 - Gdańsk-Wrocław-Prague.

Parking places
More than 20 municipal parking areas are located in close proximity to the Fair. Visitors and exhibitors will also have access to parking places at the MTP complex and to the MTP car park on Matejki Street (300 m from Western Entrance).

1. Parking at MTP (entry from Śniadeckich Street), opening hours: 8.00 - 20.00
3-day ticket - 120,00 PLN
1-day ticket - 60,00 PLN
All persons entering the MTP car park must possess documents entitling to entry to the exhibition area (i.e. ticket, exhibition/conference badge, free entry card).

2. Car park at Matejki Street (24-hour) - located approximately 300 m from the exhibition complex:
3-day ticket - 60,00 PLN
One hour parking for passenger vehicles - 4,00 PLN

3. Short-term parking lot at the Western entrance from Śniadeckich Street:
 Up to 30 min. stay - free of charge,
 Each extra started hour will be charged with 50 PLN

Parking Zone Charges

You have to pay for parking your car in the centre of Poznań. The streets included in the Paid Parking Zone are marked with information signs. You are charged for parking on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm. Parking tickets are available from parking meters located in the vicinity of the parking spaces. Please note that the parking meters do not give change - you will be given a ticket for the whole amount supplied.
There are about 20 parking places near the PIF grounds.


piktogram_pociag_new_50px      By train

Poznań has direct train connections with major European cities, such as Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt-am-Main, Munich, Norymberga, Cologne, Amsterdam, Bazeilles, Kiev, Moscow, Odessa, Minsk, Petersburg.
PKP - check railway connection
Deutsche Bahn - check railway connection

piktogram_samolot_new_50px      By plane

At the Poznań Ławica Airport there are regular direct flights from Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Malmo, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Dublin, London, Bristol, Frankfurt-am-Main, Munich and Dortmund, also from Warsaw and Krakow.
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How to travel from the airport:
Public transport buses:
"L" fast bus: Port Lotniczy Ławica (Airport) - Dworzec Główny (Central Railway Station)
Line 59: Port Lotniczy Ławica (Airport) - Bałtyk (Rondo Kaponiera)
Line 48: Port Lotniczy Ławica (Wyszęborska stop) - Bałtyk (Rondo Kaponiera)
Night line 242: Port Lotniczy Ławica (Ławica Airport) - Dworzec Główny (Central Railway Station)
The fairgrounds and the railway station are in the vicinity of “Bałtyk” stop.