Dental Expo CEDE 2021 in Łódź, Poland

CEDE 2021 Rules & Regulations, together with CEDE_2021 Rules & Regulations Amendment, Atlas Arena Regulations, and Technical, Fire Safety and OHS Regulations in force on the grounds of Atlas Arena, constituting an integral part of the order. 
The provisions of Rules & Regulations apply to all participants of the 29th Central European Dental Exhibition CEDE 2021.
Please kindly read carefully the regulations:

CEDE 2021, September 16-18 2021, Rules & Regulations  »download«

CEDE_2021 Rules & Regulations  - Amendment of July 14, 2021  »download«

Appendix  1 – Atlas Arena Regulations »download«

Appendix  2 – Technical, fire safety, OHS regulations - CEDE_2021 »download«