CEDE in Łódź, CEDE online – most important questions and answers

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What should be made of new exhibition dates, change of location, virtual fairs?
What lies beneath the virtual fairs?
Does the new preparation calendar change the dates of preferential fees?
Will CEDE 2020 in Łódź have an educational part?

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Even though CEDE is approaching the age when stability and peace are more and more often thought of, our team is soon going to do many things for the first time. We can’t afford stagnation. Actually, we don't want to, because, as hoary-headed Sylvester Stallone said in the 752nd Rocky: "There's still stuff in the basement."

Although times are difficult, there is a lot of optimism, ambition and motivation in us. CEDE showed in 2016-2019 that we take exhibition organisation in a non-standard way. We have proved our creativity and willingness to change the event for the better by an impressive number of accompanying projects. We have done our best to make the #morethananexhibition hashtag not an empty slogan. And we will not stop at this point.

As a part of the dental community, I always do my best to find the time to attend the most significant events. CEDE as the leading trade fair in Eastern Europe ensures me a sustainable success as a platform for innovation, market trends and new business connections.

Because I am from Ireland and I realise that often our techniques and materials are not up to date with Eastern Europe. I want to be ahead of others in my country - I know that products and materials I discover at the CEDE 2019 will give me the edge in my dentistry.

In fact; CEDE, it considers one of the most distinguished reliable & delighted dental show & congress, that promotes a variety of dental sciences, innovation, and technology, would help the dentist being more innovative and highly precise in their dental treatments.
Dr Raman

As a third year dental student, I am motivated to be surrounded by professionals who are in the dental field. These people are who I look up to as role models and inspiration to grow my interests in dentistry, but also learn about new technologies, techniques and communication skills. In addition, my experience at CEDE 2018 was a lot of fun, and I met many interesting people. I look forward to this years event!

I want to see a great range of materials and equipment.