Historia Łodzi

History of Łódź

The first mentions of Łódź date back to 1332. However, it was not until July 1423 that King Władysław Jagiełło granted it the location privilege.

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Ciekawostki o Łodzi

Interesting places

Łódź is a city of contrasts, which intrigues at almost every corner. It is full of factories, eclectic and avant-garde at the same time.

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Warto zobaczyć

What to see

Łódź is a fashionable, vibrant place with a unique atmosphere and many tourist attractions.

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Dojazd do Łodzi

How to get to Łódź

Łódź is located in the very centre of Poland, at the junction of two most important communication routes – A1 and A2 motorways.

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Where and what to eat in Łódź? Łódź restaurants offer a varied menu.

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Hotele w Łodzi


Łódź offers a rich and varied range of accommodation, from premium hotels to flats and hostels.

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