CEDE 2024 in November

New date for the next edition of CEDE: November 7-9, 2024, EXPO Lodz. You are welcome!

Dentistry is facing more challenges due to digitalization, which is increasingly entering offices more boldly. We already have CAD/CAM technologies, intraoral scanners, and finally computerized dental treatment planning systems or 3D printers. Augmented reality technology, which allows patients to visualize the end result of their treatment, is also becoming increasingly common during restorative procedures. And just over the threshold awaits AI (artificial intelligence), which could be an excellent diagnostic tool in the future - precise and predictable.

The best opportunity to tame these emerging novelties every now and then is the CEDE 2024 Exhibition, to which we cordially invite you to Poland, Lodz on November 7-9, 2024.

More details soon...