Dental Expo CEDE 2024 in Łódź, Poland

Dental Expo CEDE 2024
EXPO-Łódź, Poland

Join the greatest dental expo in Poland. Book a booth and show up on the Polish market!

• Dentist in Poland (number): about 44 000 + dental technicians and hygienists and assistants • Market value: about 9 billion EUR


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All roads lead to Łódź!

Łódź is a creative city, a city of festivals, a city which is being rediscovered. It is located in the very centre of Poland, only 120 km from Warsaw, at the crossroads of major highways. Its location at the crossroads of two most important communication routes in Poland makes Łódź a very important point on the logistic map of Poland – one could say that all Polish roads lead to... Łódź.

Łódź is a city of contrasts, intriguing at almost every turn. It is full of factories and at the same time very green, eclectic and avant-garde. Łódź dazzles with the splendour of factory owners' palaces and amazes with artistic installations.

Despite the dynamic development and constant changes, Łódź does not forget about its roots in the 19th century textile industry. Old factories located in the city centre are not being demolished but turned into modern lofts, service centres and tourist attractions. Historic pre-war tenement houses are being renovated to preserve the original 19th readcentury layout of the city.

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Expo-Łódź is a modern venue which provides professional service of different events. Ideal space for the presentation of a business, any kind of sales related activities, building relationships, and networking. The facility offers highest quality event space for individual arrangements. Expo holds the most important industry events, business meetings, training sessions, conferences, seminars, congresses, exhibitions, as well as only of its kind entertainment, fashion, or dancing events, concerts, or festivals.

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