Plan your stand – Dental Expo CEDE 2021

Exhibition space order, registration fee.

Exhibition space should be ordered online by filling in the A Form available in the Exhibitor's Panel. The price of exhibition space depends on the location in the exhibition hall (zone A or zone B) and the type of space ordered: linear, corner, peninsula/island. Prices range from EUR 132 per m2 (inline stand in zone B) to EUR 162 per m2 (peninsula/island stand in zone A).

Each exhibitor is obliged to pay a registration fee, the amount of which depends on the date of exhibition space order. The amount of the registration fee and the price of exhibition space rental are given in A Form.
The registration fee is non-refundable.

If the exhibitor plans several stands, he shall place an order for additional exhibition space by filling in the Au Form, separately for each additional stand, without paying an additional registration fee.

Depending on the size of the ordered exhibition space, it is possible to obtain a discount of 3% to 10%.
The condition for calculating the discount is the timely advance payments for exhibition space in accordance with the information provided in the Exhibition Rules and Regulations and the A/Au Form.




Standard stand construction and additional equipment of the stand.

The Exhibitor may order a standard stand construction from the Organiser by filling in C Form and additional equipment by filling in D Form.
Forms and price list are available in the Exhibitor’s Panel.
A file with a sketch of the stand should be attached to the standard stand construction order. The sketch should present the stand outline with the elements included in the standard furnishings and additional equipment, if ordered. Example of a stand sketch.

Any changes to the stand construction must be reported by August 16, 2021. After that date the organiser does not guarantee that the reported changes can be implemented. Also after this date the price of additional equipment increases by 30%.

Additional technical services (water and sewage connection, internet, suspension of elements, etc.) can be ordered via E Form.


Stand construction ordered from an external company.

The Exhibitor may commission stand construction to an external company. In this case:
- the external company is obliged to register by filling in the Z Form available in the Exhibitor’s Panel,
- the exhibitor or the builder company shall order technical services by filling in E Form.

The Exhibitor who builds the stand on his own or commissions another company to do the stand construction is obliged to pay a lump sum fee and waste disposal fee in accordance with the price list given in E Form.

The Exhibitor/Contractor of the stand is obliged to submit to the Organiser and EXPO-Łódź Technical Department the development plan of the rented area (in 2 projections, with height description) by August 16, 2021.




Co-exhibitor application.

If you plan to have representatives of other companies presenting their own products at your stand, you should register them as co-exhibitors (Aw Form). Co-exhibitor application can be:
free of charge – a co-exhibitor is placed on the list of exhibitors with the exhibitor's stand number and receives one exhibition ID badge.
paid – a co-exhibitor for whom the registration fee was paid in the amount specified in the Aw form additionally acquires the right to place an entry in the exhibitors catalogue (B Form) in the printed and on-line version and to place the company's logotype in both versions of the catalogue.


The Exhibitor's registration fee covers handling costs related to the Exhibitor’s registration and ordering the exhibition space, and the following package of additional services:
- basic entry into the exhibition catalogue (printed version and online version at,
- placement of the company logo in CEDE 2021 exhibition catalogue (printed version and online version at,
- one parking card for the entire period of exhibition and dismantling.


The price of standard stand construction (shell scheme booth) in basic option includes: aluminium structure and white partition walls (OCTANORM); fascia board with company name, company logo on the fascia – 1 pc (only for stands over 12 m2), one spotlight of 150 W per each 3 m2 of the stand, one power socket (230 V), electricity connection, electric power consumption, carpeting, table, 4 chairs, hanger, daily hoovering, lump sum fee, waste disposal fee.




The lump sum fee covers the following services:
 - stand outline marking in the exhibition pavilion,
 - electric energy consumption during stand assembly and dismantling,
 - water consumption during stand assembly and dismantling,
 - operational supervision during the exhibition,
 - daily stand cleaning during the exhibition,
 - entry cards for the staff dealing with stand assembly and furnishing.