Visas to Poland – Dental Expo CEDE 2022

Poland is part of the Schengen Agreement. A valid passport entitles EU and North American citizens to a three-month stay in Poland. Visas are usually not required but non-EU citizens are advised to check with the Embassy of Poland. Visitors needing a visa for entry to Poland are strongly advised to make their application in their home country well in advance.

How to proceed?

Please book your appointment at least 3 months in advance (especially during the summer holiday time) of your trip to avoid unnecessary stress & disappointment. Although a visa currently takes about 10-12 working days to process, you have to consider obtaining an appointment as well.
Please carry out the necessary formalities yourself. You have to visit the consulate office personally and bring all required documents arranged in proper order.

The appointment for a visa can be arranged only on-line via E-consulate 
To find the nearest Polish consular office Poland missions abroad please visit

More information about Schengen visas you can find at

Visa supporting letters for Exhibitors and Exhibition Visitors

An official Visa Supporting Letter can be produced after the online registration.

» Visa Supporting Letter dedicated for Exhibition Visitors is available after registration at

» Visa Supporting Letter for Exhibitors is available for registered exhibitors only.

Exhibitors registration is completed after:
Receipt of deposit payment
Allocating the booth
 Obtaining exhibitor’s reference number

The Visa Supporting Letter is intended only to facilitate visitors’ travel and visa arrangements and does not imply provisions of any financial or other support.

The Organizer will accept no responsibility if you do not receive a visa or do not receive it on time, or if you are unable to travel to the event due to other reasons.