How to get to the Dental Expo CEDE 2021, Łódź, Poland? 

Łódź is located at the intersection of the A1 motorway, leading from the north to the south of Poland, and the A2 motorway, leading from the west to the east through Poznań and Warsaw. It’s connected with Wrocław by the S8 expressway. Such a developed road network makes the city accessible for car transportation.

The ATLAS ARENA Hall (al. Bandurskiego 7, 94-020 Łódź) is located in the city center, next to the Łódź-Kaliska railway station.





Łódź offers direct rail connections with major Polish cities, including Warsaw (20 direct connections a day on working days, 14 - at weekends, the trip lasts about 1.5 hrs.), Kraków (about 5 hrs.), Wrocław (about 4,5 hrs.) and Gdańsk (about 5,5 hrs.). The current timetable is available here. Łódź Agglomeration Railway that connects Łódź with other cities and towns in the province, such as Sieradz, Zduńska Wola, Łowicz, Kutno, Zgierz, Koluszki and Skierniewice, has been available for several years.

You can reach Atlas Arena hall by public transport:
» from Łódź-Fabryczna railway station - tram number: 12B, 18 and bus number 80
» bus number: 6, 52, 86, 88A, 93, 97A, 97B, 99, N2
» tram number: 8, 10B, 10A, 12A, 12B, 14, 15

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Łódź offers direct bus connections with Prague (trip - about 8 hrs.), Brno (about 7 hrs.), Vienna (about 9 hrs.) and also Kraków (about 4,5 hrs.), Toruń (about 2,5 hrs.), Gdańsk (about 5 hrs.), Kołobrzeg (about 13 hrs.), Krynica Zdrój (about 8,5 hrs.). PKS buses depart from three bus stations in Łódź. OKbus provides comfortable connections with Warsaw airport (Okęcie and Modlin).

Bus stations:
» PKS Łódź: bus station Łódź-Kaliska, Łódź-Fabryczna, Północny station,
» Flixbus: bus station Łódź-Fabryczna,
» OKbus: bus station Łódź-Kaliska

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Łódź is located at the intersection of the A1 motorway, leading from the north to the south of Poland, and the A2 motorway, leading from the west to the east through Poznań and Warsaw. It’s connected with Wrocław by the S8 expressway. Such a developed road network makes the city accessible for car communication. Estimated time of a car trip from Warsaw is about 1.5 hrs., from Gdańsk - about 3 hrs., from Krakow - about 3.5 hrs. and from Wrocław - just over 2 hours.

Parking around the Atlas Arena for about 560 cars.

Other parking spaces:
Along al. Unii Lubelskiej and Srebrzyńska Street, parking near the Łódź-Kaliska train station.

The streets, squares and car parks in the city centre are a paid parking zone (valid on working days from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.). The amount of the fee depends on the parking time and the parking zone. There are two subzones: Zone A in the inner centre, with more expensive parking fees, and the Zone B in the outer centre, with cheaper parking fees. You must buy a parking ticket in a parking meter and then place it behind the windshield of the car so that it is visible. You can pay with coins (parking meters don’t give the change), with a credit card or with a mobile phone via services provided by the largest mobile operators. There are also other paid parking lots in the city centre, both guarded and non-guarded. Large parking lots are also located at all shopping and service centres. Some of them are free, including parking lots in Manufaktura, Pasaż Łódzki, Port Łódź, and some of them (Galeria Łódzka) offer free parking for the first three hours. Underground parking at Łódź Fabryczna station is paid, similar to the airport parking.

Touring coaches can stop in the city centre in a number of designated places such as by the Manufaktura shopping centre (5, Karskiego Street), on the Wolności Square, in the Sienkiewicza Street (in front of the Sienkiewicza Park), in the Wolborska / Podrzeczna Streets, in 71, Przędzalniana Street or 31/33, Wólczańska Street. You can park the coach for free for up to 15 minutes in the woonerf in the Traugutta Street.



You can travel around the city using numerous means of transport such as a taxi, city bike, city electric scooters or public transport which includes trams and buses (also night lines).

Tram, bus

Time tickets are valid in Łódź (up to 20, 40 and 60 minutes); there are also one-day and short-term tickets, such as the weekend or 5-day ones. You can buy them at stalls, ticket machines located at bus stops in the city centre, at railway stations, as well as on buses and trams. In most of them you can pay with coins and/or a payment card, however some of them support payment cards only. Visitors in Łódź who spend nights at accommodation establishments in the city can take advantage of the special offer of the Tourist Ticket. The ticket was introduced in September 2018 and it’s a perfect solution for visitors who wish to move around the city using the means of collective transport. You can reach Atlas Arena hall by tram number: 8, 10B, 10A, 12B, 14, 15, 18 and buses number: 6, 52, 80, 86, 88A, 93, 97A, 97B, 99, N2.

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When you travel around by taxi, it is the safest to use the services of those taxi companies, which have clearly defined rules for calculating the travel cost. So instead of getting into a taxi waiting at a taxi stop, we recommend ordering one by phone or via a dedicated mobile application.

Phone numbers to taxi companies:

Bobas Taxi +48 780 007 100 (children car safety seats avaliable)

Green Cab Taxi + 48 42 666 44 44

Rydwany Miasta +48 512 50 40 30

Mer. C Radio Taxi +48 42 650 50 50, +48 800 650 50 50

Nova Taxi +48 800 111 111, +48 42 111 111

Radio Taxi 919 +48 42 19191

Taxi Plus +48 800 500 500

TeleTaxi +48 800 400 400

City Electric Scooters

Since April 2018, there’s an electric scooter rental company operated by the Blinkee company in Łódź. You can rent a scooter starting with installing a mobile app and registering in the system. Once you pay your initial fee, you can start using the scooter network. You can ride as far as the battery allows you (max. 80 km) You can even leave Łódź. You have to remember, though, that the scooter must be returned within the designated area. Maximum speed of the vehicle is 45 km/h. The fee is PLN 0.59 per minute (PLN 0.50 for students). When the vehicle is parked the fee is PLN 0.09 per minute.

City Electric Scooters