Statistically about CEDE 2021

 Statistically about CEDE 2021

General dentistry, prosthodontics and preventive dentistry – these three specialisations were the most represented during the CEDE 2021 exhibition, which was held on October 7-9 in Łódź.

Over three days, the Atlas Arena in Łódź was visited by 3632 people, excluding the exhibitors, who amounted to 464. The organisers recorded the highest attendance on Friday (46%). 66% of the visitors to CEDE 2021 were dentists. The most numerous group were general practising dentists (39.2%).

CEDE 2021 was attended not only by Poles, but also representatives of as many as 17 countries. Among those most represented were Ireland, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia and Latvia.

In 2021, 125 companies (103 stands) presented their offer during CEDE. The exhibition took up 2015 m2.

The next CEDE will take place on September 22-24, 2022 at EXPO Łódź.

CEDE 2021 statistics