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17 av. Gustave Eiffel - B.P. 30216

Tel: 48 606899689
E-mail: maciek.jerominek@acteongroup.com
WWW: http://www.acteongroup.com/

Stand: C6.1 (CEDE Arena - Zone A)

The ACTEON Group is entering a new phase of its growth as a leader in the dental industry based on its technical innovations in X-ray and digital imaging, high-frequency ultrasonic technology, pharmaceuticals, and precision instruments.

Our vision is to become the innovator most trusted by dental and medical professionals worldwide to offer comprehensive solutions to clinicians for their most common workflows to provide the most effective, convenient, and comfortable care to millions of patients every day around the world.

    Equipment and machinery for dental office
  • dental mirrors
  • intra-oral cameras
  • piezoelectric instruments
  • polymerisation lights
  • sandblasters
  • tartar removers
  • ultrasounds
    Radiology / Equipment
  • X-ray machines and accessories
  • imaging systems

Maciek Jerominek
Tel: 48 606899689
E-mail: maciek.jerominek@acteongroup.com