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Paprotna 14
51-117 Wrocław

Tel: 4871 3423419
E-mail: beata@indent.pl
WWW: http://indent.pl/

Tel: 48 691989276
E-mail: poczta@indent.pl
WWW: http://indent.pl/

Stand: B4.2 (CEDE Arena - Zone A)

INDENT – Professional Dental Prophylaxis

Health begins in your mouth.

We are introducing to the Polish market a lot of modern products for professional dental prophylaxis. Our aim is to pass how fast, effectively and in easy way teach proper care about healthy teeth using the appropriate tools and proper techniques. In our offer we have CURASEPT, TELLO, CURAPROX, ALOE FRESH and FREZYDERM.

All articles for oral hygiene can be found at www.indent.pl and in the shop for wholesalers sklep.indent.pl

  • orthodontic instruments and accessories
    Oral prophylaxis and hygiene
  • flosses
  • gum pain
  • hypersensitivity
  • mouthwashes
  • other
  • toothbrushes
  • toothpastes
    Personal protective equipment
  • hand and skin disinfectants

Aloe Fresh - Poland
Curasept - Poland
Frezyderm - Poland
Tello - Poland

Beata Stącel
Tel: 48 691989276
E-mail: beata@indent.pl