Speakers' corners open to all

Speakers' corners open to all

We believe that only proper knowledge allows you to maximize the technological capabilities of equipment and materials, therefore all company trainings will be open to public since 2018.

In three pavilions there will be built partially closed educational spaces, with multimedia facilities and several dozen seating places, where 30-minute lectures will be presented.

The forums are divided into themes:

  • Digital Forum - Dentistry 3.0 - Pavilion 8A

The project is intended to bring the most up-to-date technologies to dentists, mainly digital, 3D, CAD/CAM, lasers and biomaterials. Dentistry 3.0 will take the participants into the future of dentistry, proving that future is at hand. Following the training programme, through CEDE news channels, we will educate CEDE 2018 participants on modern technologies and promote the best ones before the exhibition starts.

  • Dental Club - Pavilion 7

"Analogue Dentistry" is the educational programme we wish to implement in pavilion 7A. There is room for lectures devoted to all aspects of conservative dentistry, endodontics, periodontics, implantology, prosthetics, diagnostics and aesthetic dentistry. This is where lecturers related to exhibitors will be able to pass on practical knowledge of specific materials, tools, instruments, programmes or procedures.

  • Business Dental Forum - Pavilion 7A

Place where lecturers will provide valuable and practical knowledge in the fields of management, medical law, marketing, communication with the patient, public relations or social media. Business Dental Club will show the participants new forms of service promotion, tackle the biggest legal issues, teach how to build a competitive advantage in the office.

What are the benefits for exhibitors?

The new dimension of corporate education is an important project for us to modernize the next edition of CEDE. The offer of cooperation with exhibitors is accompanied by a guarantee of promotion of scientific programmes implemented within the framework Digital Forum - Dentistry 3.0, Dental Club or Business Dental Forum. Detailed presentations are available at www.cede.pl/2018/en/exhibition/Speakers-Corners/. The lectures programme will also be included in our printed materials and in the mobile application. Exhibition pavilions will be provided with visual identification elements facilitating the choice of a lectures and reaching a particular Forum.