Exhibition - business and education arm in arm

Exhibition - business and education arm in arm

CEDE is one of the most important gatherings of dental industry in Central and Eastern Europe. For the second time in its history CEDE applied a formula that is very familiar to participants of FDI Congresses and the ADF Congress in Paris.

CEDE’s competitiveness in the coming years will be determined by the following factors: the integration of business with science, business with practice, the integration of science itself, attractive educational tools and courses based on the experience of recognised experts, as well as a perfect organisation. Only in this way can we guarantee that participants who come to Poland will already be aware of their own needs.

CEDE 2018 integration between business with science involves:

• Increasing awareness that only when modern technology is combined with knowledge can it guarantee competitiveness and help a dental practice grow

• Active collaboration in creating a scientific programme

• Supporting and promoting research and new leaders in dentistry (Science Head Rush session)

• Participating in unique educational projects, e.g. training on human cadavers

• Goal: attracting to stands visitors who know exactly what they want and need