Statement for registered exhibitors

Statement for registered exhibitors

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Exhibitors

on April 2, 2020, by e-mail and press information distributed to industry media, we informed about the new date and location of CEDE 2020 (Łódź, December 3-5, 2020). As well as about the organisation of the global Virtual Dental Exhibition by Exactus, which will take place on September 24-26, 2020.

Our decision is dictated by a deep analysis of the epidemic situation in the world and in Poland, as well as the economic situation of most industries, including of course the dental one. First of all, our offer is based on respect for exhibitors and potential participants and the desire to match our flagship product to difficult time for all.

In September, we invite everyone to the Internet instead of Poznań. We are probably the first in the world to announce the organisation of a virtual dental exhibition. Our aim is a global event, but at the outset we would like to inform you that participation in the virtual edition (standard virtual stand) will be free for all CEDE 2020 participants. CEDE 2020 is being moved to Łódź (December 3-5). We strongly believe that the third and fourth quarter of 2020 will get much better for the industry, and the need to meet up and smile together will return. At the same time, we are realists, aware of the infrastructural advantages of the Poznań International Fair. Although, we believe that the EXPO Łódź grounds will allow to organise an event definitely more "tailored" to current times and budgets. We also strongly believe that the virtual trade fair will be a excellent opportunity to implement many marketing projects, including retaining the customers. The platform, which will be presented to you soon, gives a lot of options (stands, live interactions, webinars, games etc.).

It's no secret that the proposed changes, though well thought out, are implemented in a bit accelerated manner. We kindly ask you for time to specify the details of the offer of both virtual and traditional exhibition in Łódź. Naturally, we do guarantee you the possibility of resigning from CEDE 2020 participation. Though we encourage you to analyze our projects and consider them as the natural solutions for the difficult time we found ourselves in.

The organisers