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We take responsibility only for own decisions. As an organiser of CEDE, we were faced with the fact – in the absence of reaction we could be the third exhibition of the month. These days it would not be a good solution for anyone. We believe that changing the date and location MAY be in line with current industry needs. We do not have a crystal ball, but we hope that the end of the year will be a better moment for meetings and investments. At the same time, we have no doubt that Łódź will be a much more attractive city in terms of prices during the crisis.
Virtual fairs VDE by CEDE are an innovative project that follows current trends. The project details are available on our website

No. In due time (probably in May) all registered exhibitors will have Form A unlocked, where it will be possible to redetermine the ordered stand area, zone and additional services. Form for participants of VDE by CEDE virtual exhibition will be available in June.

Yes, this can be done in the unlocked Form A (we will notify you about unlocking it).


No, fees (registration fee, stand fee) for CEDE 2020 participation remain unchanged. It should be remembered that every registered CEDE exhibitor, who ordered at least 9 sqm of exhibition space, additionally receives a standard stand during the virtual exhibition VDE by CEDE, which will take place on September 24-26, 2020.
The details about the event and standard stands are available on our website

We are currently evaluating additional services, e.g. electricity, water, suspensions etc. Soon we will verify the price list of advertising space and special projects.

EXPO Łódź allows for the organisation of an exhibition event at approximately 3300-3500 square meters. Exhibitors have a pavilion, a spacious hall and a foyer at their disposal.
The key criterion influencing the priority of location selection is the ordered space. However, we ensure that the new arrangement will be carried out in the form of a dialogue. We ask for your understanding.
We also plan to maintain the zones.

Certainly they may slightly differ, we are establishing these issues.

The deadline for resignation from CEDE is August 31, 2020

The exhibition space price list remains the same (available in the exhibitor's panel), while the exhibitor who registers by August 31 2020 and orders at least 9 sqm of exhibition space, will additionally receive a virtual stand at the Virtual Dental Exhibition by CEDE on September 24-26, 2020.
Details about VDE by CEDE are available on:

Exhibitor preferential registration fee: August 31, 2020
Preferential co-exhibitor fee: October 31, 2020
Discounts in the exhibition space price will be given to those paying by August 31, 2020

First of all, this is not the online version of CEDE. It is also not an event accompanying CEDE 2020 (we remind you that it will take place in Łódź on December 3-5). Our intention is to organise an independent global event, based on the capabilities of the virtual exhibition platform we will use for this purpose. Virtual Dental Exhibition by CEDE will be online ONLY on September 24-26, 2020. We allow the date to change if the epidemic situation in the country and the economic situation of the industry do not improve. Virtual fairs are not a generic project! "Live" interaction is a key element.
The basic elements of virtual fairs are: outside view, lobby, pavilions with stands, lecture room/rooms, boxes, information booths, advertising space. The virtuality of the fairs means no need to build physical stands. Participation in virtual fairs is free for visitors. Registration is required for everyone.
The company's stands are located in virtual pavilions. Each stand has a company logo. The number of stands during the exhibition is virtually unlimited. However, their large number determines the division into, for example, thematic or national pavilions.
The educational part can take any desired formula. Lectures are carried out in the form of: live, semi-live and video on demand (VOD). In the first two, attendees can interact with speakers and other lecture / presentation participants.
Stand customisation options, custom advertising options – the platform enables these activities. An interesting option is also games involving participants.

The basic functionality of virtual exhibition is a stand (standard or designed on request – additionally payable). The stand enables the presentation of the company's offer in the form of video, image files, downloadable files, live meetings with consultants and live chat. Visitors to the stand can see the company's offer without interaction or take part in the "live" opportunities offered by the system.
Information about standard stands you can find The project details are available on

Of course, the information is available on We also plan to deliver them in the form of webinars.

See the price-list here.

Exhibitors, who registered until August 31, 2020 and ordered at least 9 sqm of exhibition space.

No, it is not possible to participate as a co-exhibitor at the virtual stand.

See the price-list here.

Yes, we plan to have congress lectures, presentations and debates.

As tenants, we have several lecture rooms, a workshop room and a lecture hall for 460 people available. We also take into consideration educational formats outside of EXPO Łódź. Nearby are e.g. Helios cinema, a hotel and buildings of the Lodz University of Technology.

We are determining the capacity of the educational facilities. We will provide information in this regard soon.

For now we will certainly implement: CEDE Stage, CEDE Stars, Ranking of the Most Influential People in Dentistry, Patients Area.


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