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EQUADENT Sp. z o.o.

ul. PCK 12
62-500 Konin

Tel: 48 632445577
E-mail: naszebiuro@equadent.pl
WWW: http://www.equadent.pl/

Tel: 48 504036768

    Equipment and machinery for dental office
  • intra-oral cameras
  • micromotors for dental office
  • tartar removers
    Consumer products for dental office
  • disposable articles
  • filling materials
  • resins for temporary crowns and bridges
  • root canal anchor systems (materials)
    Sterilisation and disinfection
  • sterilisation and disinfection devices
  • surfaces and medical devices disinfectants
    Oral prophylaxis and hygiene
  • hypersensitivity

Małgorzata Rymont
Tel: 48 632445577
E-mail: gosia@equadent.com