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ZENI MED Fadi Zeyni

Żytnia 15 lok.11
01-014 Warszawa

Tel: 48 228625020
Fax: 48 228625022
E-mail: info@zenimed.pl
WWW: http://www.nsk.zenimed.pl, www.zenimed.pl/

ZENI MED Fadi Zeyni

We are an authorized distributor of NSK - Japan products. In our offer we have: scales, endometers, lamps... In addition, prosthetic micromotors, sand blasters, ultrasonic cleaners, polymerization lamps, compressors, surgical instruments as well as dental-prosthetics.

We have a wide range of spare parts for units and the above-mentioned products of high quality.

We offer mail order sales. For regular customers attractive discounts

    Equipment and machinery for dental office
  • micromotors for dental office
  • tartar removers
  • turbines, handpieces, contra-angles
  • ultrasonic cleansers
    Consumer products for dental office
  • conservative dentistry instruments
  • impression trays
  • surgical instruments
    Equipment for dental lab
  • blasting devices
  • prosthetic motors
  • prosthetic turbines

NSK Nakanishi (Japonia) - Poland