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Polskie Stowarzyszenie Implantologiczne

Dyrekcyjna 10/1a
40-013 Katowice

Tel: 48 322032785
Fax: 48 322032785
E-mail: monika.zmuda@icoi.pl
WWW: http://www.psi-icoi.pl/

Stand: P.2 (Patio)

The main purpose of the PSI is promotion, development and education in implant dentistry field. Didactic assumptions are achieved through post-graduate training: Curriculum of Implantology. PSI provides a chance to take a Fellowship/Diplomate ICOI/PSI exams with an independent, international board. As part of the membership fee PSI offers inter alia: affiliation in organizations ICOI/ICOI EUROPE, the insurance program designed specifically for doctors implantologists, legal assistance in case of professional problems, model consent for surgery implant, discounts on conferences and trainings, journal subscriptions "Implant Dentistry", "Modern Dentistry" and "Dental Implants" as well. PSI also publishes the six-monthly "PSI Implant Dentistry".