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Poldent sp. z o.o.

ul. Dzika 2
00-194 Warszawa

Tel: 48 223517650
E-mail: office@poldent.pl
WWW: http://www.poldent.pl/

E-mail: poldent@poldent.pl

Stand: 7a.A4.1 (Pavilion 7A)

Poldent is, since 28 years, a producer of Endostar endodontic instruments, hand and rotary. We offer also Endostar endomotor and Endostar paper, guttapercha points.
Poldent is a distributor on many well known brands such as: Kenda polishers, Nordin screw posts, TDV disposables, warm guttapercha obsturation systems and other Meta Biomed products, Immediate implants, Coltene/Roeko/Hygenic products, Edelweiss veneers etc.
We organize many endodotnic, prosthetic and implantology lectures and hands on courses.
Poldent supports Oral Cancer Foudation "Z uśmiechem przez życie".