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MEDITRANS sp. z o.o. sp. k.

Podlasie 16 c
25-108 Kielce

Tel: 4841 3431800
Fax: 4841 3482557
E-mail: kontakt@meditrans.pl
WWW: http://meditrans.pl/

Tel: 4841 3444886

Stand: 7.A9.2 (Pavilion 7)
Stand: 7a.B8 (Pavilion 7A)
Stand: 7a.B7.5 (Pavilion 7A)

Since 1991 company Meditrans has been supplying comprehensively dentistry market consisting of dentist’s offices, prosthetic laboratories, dental retail stores and wholesales with materials and equipment. The company provides versatile customer service: professional sale, technical support and professional training.
Meditrans incessantly extends its offer by innovative products of the biggest dental corporations. We are also exclusive representative on Polish market of many companies and brands including: Blossom, Carl Martin, Pluradent, Overfibers, Nauhf Care, Prima Dental Group, Shenpaz. As an owner of the brand PrimaDent – we also offer wide range of products for disinfection, sterilization packaging and dental accessories.
We are looking forward to doing business with you