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PLUS ULTRA Tomasz Sioda Dostawca Sprzętu Medycznego

Na Szańcach 22
61-663 Poznań

Tel: 48 618203898
Fax: 48 618267666
E-mail: info@plusultra.pl
WWW: http://www.plusultra.pl/

Stand: 7a.B1.2 (Pavilion 7A)

High Magnification and sharp, crisp images with powerful LED illumination.
HEINE binocular loupes set a benchmark for design, hightech materials and precise manufacturing methods. They provide exceptional image quality and edge-to-edge definition and large field of view.
Various magnifications (from 2x to 6x), working distances, wearing modes (unique S-FRAME, Lightweight Headband and Headband Professional L) and LED LoupeLight illumination systems are available.
STATE - of - the -art LED technology and design.