CEDE 2018 Stars contest - winners - Dental equipment

Vector Paro

Category: Dental equipment

Manufacturer: Dürr Dental

Country: Germany

Exhibitor: Amadar

Pavilion 7A   Stand 7a.A6


Vector therapy - sure, gentle and delicate. Ultrasound instruments used in the treatment of periodontitis move on an elliptical path or close to a straight line, which often leads to undesirable damage to the root cement and soft tissues. The Vector system works without vibration. Energy redirection at an angle of 90 degrees ensures atraumatic work of micro instruments that do not show lateral vibrations, i.e. they can not damage the root surface, thus eliminating pain and the possibility of tissue violation. Application: non-surgical treatment of periodontitis, treatment and prophylaxis of periimplantitis, breakdown of subgingival biofilm before implantation and prosthetic treatment, suppression of hypersensitivity, prophylaxis of permanent abutment teeth, atraumatic for enamel and cervical area removal of small calculus deposits.


The linear nature of the work of the micro instruments determines the minimization of pain. The risk of doctor-patient cross-infection is reduced. The handpiece of the device is equipped with instruments characteristic for a given area of application, thanks to which Vector Paro has all possible clinical applications of ultrasound in the therapy and prevention of periodontal diseases.