CEDE 2018 Stars contest - winners - Dental equipment

LightWalker AT-S

Category: Dental equipment

Manufacturer: FOTONA

Country: Slovenia

Exhibitor: BTL POLSKA

Pavilion 8A   Stand 8a.A5.1


The latest generation of dental lasers have revolutionized dentistry with treatments that are faster, more effective and more satisfying to patients and practitioners than ever before. With over 50 years of experience in laser technology, Fotona’s award-winning LightWalker dental laser systems are leading the dental industry forward to new levels of perfection with unrivaled precision, performance and ease of use. The Benefits of Fotona Dental Lasers Include: - A full range of hard- and soft-tissue treatments - Extremely precise hard-tissue cutting and ablation - Easy and effective endodontic treatments - Little or no bleeding surgical procedures, with simultaneous disinfection - Easy-to-select operating modes for greater simplicity - Greater patient satisfaction and less operator fatigue When you choose Fotona, you choose a company committed to designing, manufacturing and delivering the highest performance, best made laser systems in the world.


LightWalker AT-S is currently the most effective and fastest laser in dentistry in the world. Laser has its application in the development of hard tissue, it still does it faster than a traditional surgery angle. This is the only device in the world. LightWalker is appreciated all over the world, it is time for dentists to appreciate it also in Poland.