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Verdent Sp. z o.o.

Lodowa 138
93-232 Łódź

Tel: 4842 2071051
E-mail: michal.grzelczak@verdent.pl
WWW: http://www.verdent.pl/

Stand: E4.1 (CEDE Arena - Zone A)
Verdent Sp. z o.o.

We are one and only manufacturer of dental burs in Poland. We produce diamond burs in many shapes, sizes and grits and carbide burs as following:
-roses (standard, with additional flute on top, with additional cuts, with slim neck)
-finishers (to preparing composite)
-crown cutters (multitask 3 in 1, cut porcelain, cement and metal)
-surgical burs (like Lindemann)
- dental instruments
We are offering very special product Crown preparation set by Dr Zavadka-preparation in 10 minutes only.

    Equipment and machinery for dental office
  • dental mirrors
    Consumer products for dental office
  • burs, diamond
    Consumer products for dental lab
  • finishing instruments
  • polishing materials
  • orthodontic instruments and accessories
    Personal protective equipment
  • masks

Michał Grzelczak
Tel: 4842 2071051
E-mail: michal.grzelczak@verdent.pl