Stars of CEDE 2022 – Dental Expo CEDE 2022


The Jury of the Stars of CEDE 2022 competition, composed of:

  1. Prof. dr hab. n. med.  Jerzy Sokołowski – chairman
  2. Tech. dent. Paweł Jurga
  3. Prof. dr hab. n. med. Natalia Lewkowicz
  4. Prof. dr hab. n. med. Monika Łukomska-Szymańska
  5. Dr n. med. Aleksandra Palatyńska-Ulatowska
  6. Mgr tech. dent. Beata Peterson
  7. Prof. dr hab. n. med. Teresa Sierpińska

by a secret ballot on September 22, 2022, granted the following awards:


in the category "Dental materials"”
to NEVADENT for Endodontic files XP-endo Shaper + Finisher

Atos M.M.

in the category "Dental prophylaxis"”
to ATOS M.M. for ALFA SCALING – After scaling care mouthwash


Hol-Dental Depot

w kategorii „in the category "Dental equipment"”
to HOL-DENTAL DEPOT for Smile Lite MDP2 – Mobile Dental Photography

Hol-Dental Depot

in the category "Dental technician materials"”
to HOL-DENTAL DEPOT for ZirGloss Polishing Compound for Zirconia

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Gwiazdy CEDE
Gwiazdy CEDE