Exhibition - Lectures at the booths

19.09.2019, time: 10:00-17:00

Pavilion7, Stand: 7.A6.2

Presentation new products Biosmalto Curasept

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INDENT About company


Biosmalto Curasept 7 YEARS of research carried out in collaboration with prestigious partners, such as ISTEC-CNR, KALICHEM, BETAFARMA, CSIC Spain. A team of RESEARCHERS unique in the world, numerous CONFIRMATORY CLINICAL TESTS, are the guarantee of a project that has led us to identify TWO INNOVATIVE FORMULATIONS that allow the REMINERALISATION of enamel and dentine. BIOMIMETIC ACTIVITY Biosmalto has chemical, physical, morphological and mechanical properties similar to those of the naturally occurring biological structure. In a physiological environment, it can induce processes similar to those occurring in the presence of a natural biological tissue. BIOCOMPATIBILITY Biosmalto is used for a specific biomedical application without causing toxic effects on the biological system. BIOACTIVITY Biosmalto is capable of interacting chemically with dental tissues.