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Miscea GmbH/ Przedstawiciel w Polsce: Help-Partner Sp. z o.o.

Dąbrowskiego 8
64-920 Piła

Tel: 48 539365009
E-mail: miscea@help-partner.pl
WWW: http://miscea.com/

Tel: 48 791562099
E-mail: info@help-partner.pl
WWW: http://help-partner.pl/

Stand: 7.A7.4 (Pavilion7)

Miscea GmbH is a private company with headquarters in Großbeeren, Germany. Miscea GmbH develops, manufactures and markets advanced dispensing systems for water, soap and disinfectant. Miscea dispensing systems are used in all applications, where special hand hygiene requirements need to be met such as in healthcare and the food industry. The Miscea sensor faucet dispensing systems are characterized by a high degree of functionality and award-winning design.