Exhibitors Catalogue

Marrodent A Henry Schein Company

ul. Krasińskiego 31
43-300 Bielsko-Biała

Tel: 33 8101328
E-mail: biuro@marrodent.pl
WWW: http://marrodent.pl/

Stand: 7a.A13 (Pavilion 7A)

We have been a leading provider of dental solution on the dental market in Poland for over 29 years. In 2016 Marrodent has become a partner of Henry Schein Company on polish market. We offer our customers a lot of exclusive and well-known brands, a comprehensive and broad range of equipment and materials for dental offices, surgeries, prosthetics and orthodontics. In addition, we also offer warranties on the equipment. Marrodent is known as a training provider for people from the orthodontic, prosthetic and dental industry - dentists, dental technicians and assistants. We at Marrodent provide, at the customer's disposal, a helpful and professional staff of 3 divisions, as well as the service of our sales representatives and sales specialists all over the country.