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DenTag srl

Via Maniago nr 99
33085 Maniago

Tel: 39 042771561
Fax: 36 0427700666
E-mail: info@dentag.com
WWW: http://dentag.com/

Stand: 8a.A5.4 (Pavilion 8A)

DenTag is manufacturing dental and surgical instruments since 1950’s, and has acquired extensive experience in this specialist field. For this reason, our research focuses specifically on the manufacture of instruments which are innovative in their shape, materials and in the surface finishing. DenTag testing procedures and final controls, are made by expert craftsmen, trained in the company, as well as some production phases, sensitive in terms of quality. Demand for instruments with special shapes and innovative materials is currently growing. We are firmly convinced that versatility and continuous research into innovative production technologies will be the base for our expansion in this field. However, we always pay attention to changes and trends and proudly to be 101% Italian Quality