Exhibitors Catalogue

Dentaid Polska

Jaśkowa Dolina 57
80-286 Gdańsk

Tel: 58 3453971
E-mail: j.janczak@dentaidpolska.pl
WWW: http://dentaidpolska.pl/

E-mail: biuro@dentaidpolska.pl

Stand: 7.A5.1 (Pavilion 7)

Bałtycki Instytut Stomatologii Sp. z o.o. SK is the sole distributor of the Spanish company Dentaid.
Dentaid company is an international pioneer in the research, development and marketing of products such as toothpastes, mouthwashes, manual and interdental brushes, aimed at improving the Oral Health of all people. Since 1980, year after year, our innovative spirit and commitment to society have allowed us to maintain our position as leader of the Spanish Oral Health market in pharmacies, placing us at the top among the world’s largest companies. Guarantee the success of our brand are the modern technologies and highly qualified staff. In Poland, the sole distributor of Dentaid is the Bałtycki Instytut Stomatologii, located in Gdansk.