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BESTOM Dentonet.pl Sp. z o.o.

Wigury 15A
90-302 Łódź

E-mail: bmichalowicz@dentonet.pl
WWW: http://www.dentonet.pl/

Stand: P.4 (Patio)

DENTONET Media Group for over a quarter of a century of experience and knowledge of the needs of Polish dentists. The most recognizable brand of the company - the first and invariably the best dental website DENTONET underwent a thorough reconstruction in 2016, attracting not only a new layout, but also useful functionalities. Bilingual e-Dentico (6 points of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education) is among the most reliable journals studies for dentists, video website Dentowizja provides the simplest insight into the work of Polish dentists and the life of our environment. The company's offer is complemented by the publishing medical and job-related articles that help in the daily work of the dentist.