CEDE 2018 Stars contest - winners - IT and dental education


Category: IT and dental education

Manufacturer: MIS

Country: Israel

Exhibitor: MEDIF Sp. z o.o.

Pavilion 8A   Stand 8a.A13


MGuide is an innovative system for treatment planning in 3D technology dedicated to the MIS implantology system. It has MSoft software and MGuide surgical kit, both of which are designed to optimize the implant placement procedure. In addition, the MGuide system also includes 3D printers producing extremely accurate surgical templates, which significantly facilitate the work of a physician. It is a breakthrough technology that allows the implant to be precisely positioned in the jaw or mandible bone using surgical templates - also using keyhole surgery. The open and openwork design of the MGuide surgical template allows for a wide field of vision during the procedure, which allows the physician to provide a precise treatment. Thanks to the MGuide navigation, the implant position and prosthetic restoration are perfectly planned. The main advantages of using MGuide during surgery are: increased safety, reduced risk of complications, less traumatic surgery - faster healing.


MGuide is a modern and comprehensive tool simplifying the implant procedure, from planning, through preparation, surgery, to the performance of prosthetic work. The technology is supported by 24-hour global customer service to ensure the smoothest and most accurate work flow at every stage.