FDI 2016 Poznań, Poland
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Welcome message

CEDE 2017: we’re back after a break – but never a break from being the best! 

ikona The idea

CEDE 2017 opens a new chapter in the history of the event. The exhibition aims to integrate business with the reality of every dental practice, as well as the scientific community. For the first time the feast of dental products will be accompanied by the Polish Union Dentistry Congress. The science programme is the result of a dialogue between practitioners and scientists, created to show how to consciously treat and make the right business decisions, including the purchase of equipment and materials. CEDE 2017 is meant to be a celebration of dentistry not only for dentists but also technicians, hygienists, assistants and students.

KUSP  Polish Union Dentistry Congress
Three-day event presenting current trends in dentistry and management of dental practice. More than 100 specialists from Poland and abroad will speak at the lectures and workshops. »read more«

ikona  Sessions of scientific societies
Within the Polish Union Dentistry Congress will be held sessions of scientific societies. This is a tangible proof of the scientific integration that was associated with the organization of the Congress. The Congress programme is the sum of the dialogue and the experience of outstanding professionals who have agreed that such an educational event combining interdisciplinary knowledge with business is much needed on the educational dental map.


ikona  HOT TOPIC session
Heated discussions with experts on important and controversial issues. During the HOT TOPIC session an international panel of specialists will deal with one of the most discussed topic of recent months – autogenous regeneration methods (including bone milling, PRF). »read more«

ikona  Cadaver course
Theoretical-practical course on non-sublimed human corpse (coated with surgical drapes, unused part of the specimen is covered) provides performance in conditions that are as close to operational as possible. »read more«

cede_logo  What remains unchanged?

- an exhibition with the participation of the best companies from Poland and abroad (confirmed 186 companies -5800 sq.m.);

- companies courses (also on the stands);

- stands of trade publications;

- novelties and promotions at manufacturers and distributors stands;

- location of the exhibition: pavilions: 7,7A, 8, 8A of the Poznań International Fair (see the map)

- free entry card for the exhibition (after registration at www.cede.pl);

- free exhibitor directory for each participant;

- free mobile application CEDE 2017 facilitating participation in the exhibition and Polish Union Dentistry Congress;

- concert at the end of the day (free admission)

- atmosphere of dental holidays



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Let's relive that again


FDI 2016 Poznań
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