Exhibitors Catalogue

Falcon Medical Polska Sp. z o.o.

ul. Rembielińskiego 1/7
93-575 Łódź

Tel: 48 426309972
Fax: 48 426309973
E-mail: info@falconmedical.pl
WWW: http://www.falconmedical.pl/

Stand: 8a.A15.2 (Pavilion 8A)

Falcon Medical Polska Sp. z o.o. is Polish subsidiary of Falcon Surgical Co.Pvt.Ltd company, a leading manufacturer of dental, prosthetic and orthodontic instruments, operating on the Polish market since 2000.

In our offer you will find a range of products and accessories needed in the daily work of dentists, orthodontists and technicians:

- Falcon Orthodontic products
- Footwear and medical clothes of Pastelli company
- DENTALINE disposables
- Intraoral photographic mirrors and retractors
- Implantology instruments
- Endodontic files and instruments
- Rubber dam system
- X-ray accessories
- Polishing materials Stoddard
- Orthodontic, Retainer and Denture boxes
- Dental oral care and oral hygiene products
and many others.