Exhibitors Catalogue

MARKU DENTAL sp.z o.o. sp.k.

ul. Loretańska 31
42-226 Częstochowa

Tel: 48 343670000
Fax: 48 343688250
E-mail: dental@marku.com.pl
WWW: http://marku.com.pl/

Stand: 7a.A1 (Pavilion 7A)

MARKU DENTAL is one of the leading company on the Polish dental market. We offer wide range of dental materials and dental equipment to our customers.
Our company has been operating since 1991, and thus we have the knowledge and experience with dental market. Our employees guarantee professional service and assistance. We participate in dental fairs in Poland and we offer our products and services to our customers in the whole country. The position of MARKU DENTAL company on the dental market is strong and solid and we are well recognized and received by dentists, dental technicians and medical assistants. We are constantly expanding our business and we are open to any new possibilities of cooperation.