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Rondo plus D&B

Pruszkowska 24
05-090 Raszyn

Tel: 48 227203571
Fax: 48 227205604
E-mail: biuro@dib.com.pl
WWW: http://www.dib.com.pl/

Tel: 48 534747476
E-mail: handlowy@dib.com.pl
WWW: http://stomatologicznysklep.pl/

Stand: 7.A12.2 (Pavilion 7)

Since 1994 RONDO plus D & B provides the clinics, dentists, shops, pharmacies and wholesalers with the products.
As a distributor of dental assortments of brands such as Tandex, Sonicare, Pierre Fabre, KIN, Oral-B, BlanX, GUM, Elmex, Waterpik, Panasonic, Curaprox, we have a steady supply of a full range of goods of those producers.
Additionally, our commercial offer comprises a full range of products available for oral hygiene: specialized, remedial and bleaching.
We are an authorized representative of many domestic and foreign producers.