CEDE 2018 Stars contest - winners - Dental materials

EVE TWIST - diamond polishers

Category: Dental materials

Manufacturer: EVE ERNST VETTER GmbH

Country: Germany

Exhibitor: SmartDent Piotr Zieliński

Pavilion 7   Stand 7.B12


EVE TWIST is the line of polishing instruments created by a German manufacturer EVE Ernst Vetter. Their innovative lamellar shape and the resulting adaptation to any surface structure simplifies every polishing process. Incomparably flexible, they facilitate polishing in inaccessible places, such as occlusions. Their intuitive use makes them the ideal polishing tool. Thanks to the diamond impregnation, they guarantee outstanding polishing results and unrivalled durability. EVE TWIST polishers are available in versions dedicated for several materials: composite (EVE Diacomp® Plus), porcelain (EVE Diapol®), Lithium Disilicate (EVE Diapro), Zirconia and Alumina (EVE Diacera) and more recently as w single-use prophylaxis polisher (EVE Prophy TWIST).


The TWIST concept. Simplicifation of polishing! The TWIST Concept has changed the nature of polishing. The numerous advantages have made TWIST polishers indispensable instruments in the daily work of many dentists and dental technicians all over the world.