Stars of CEDE 2023 – a new edition during the Dental Expo CEDE 2023!


The formula of honouring the best trade fair products at CEDE will also have its iteration in this edition of the exhibition.

The competition for the best products at CEDE 2023 will be held in the traditional form, which in practice means that the winners will be selected by a jury.

Winners will be selected in the following categories:

  • equipment
  • materials
  •  prophylaxis
  • IT and education
  • equipment
  • materials
  • IT and education

The jury evaluating the products consists of experts from various fields of dentistry.

Entries for the "CEDE 2023 Stars" Competition  can only be made in the Exhibitor Panel by completing Form GK – "Submission of a product to the CEDE 2023 Stars Competition" and by paying the registration fee of EUR 75 (net price) to the Organiser's bank account.

If you are submitting multiple products, you must complete a separate form for each product and pay the applicable fees.

Before entering the contest please read the rules and regulations:
Regulations of the "CEDE 2023 Stars" Contest
Jury Voting Regulations in the "CEDE 2023 Stars" Contest (appendix 1 to the Regulations)

Stars of CEDE 2023