Information for stand contractors – Dental Expo CEDE 2023

Notification of booth contractor, ordering assembly badges/entry cards.

A company constructing a stand at CEDE 2023 submits its application online by filling in the Z Form available in the Exhibitor's Panel .
In order to fill in the form, the Contractor needs to create an account in the Exhibitor's Panel beforehand. The accounts established during the previous editions of CEDE are still valid.
Through the form, the company:
– orders assembly badges
– order assembly entry cards
– encloses a copy of the civil liability insurance policy (in accordance with the exhibition regulations, §12).

Approval of the stand design

The stand designer/contractor is obliged to submit the stand design to the Organiser for approval. The documentation sent for approval by email to should include:
– the design of the stand, at least in two projections with dimensions, and in the case of constructions higher than 2.5 m, static and resistance calculations signed by a licensed person or a stamp of a person with a building license,
– declaration of the stand contractor »download the declaration«

Technical conditions for stand construction

Stand construction must be designed and executed in accordance with:
– CEDE 2023 Exhibition Regulations
– Technical, fire and safety regulations valid on the EXPO-Łódź premises
»Go to the Regulations«

Technical services order

Orders for technical services shall be placed by the Exhibitor or the Stand Contractor if the latter is the payer for the ordered services.
Orders should be placed on form E available in the Exhibitor's Panel.
The order for additional services shall be sent to the e-mail address upon prior arrangement with the Organiser.

Assembly and disassembly of stands

Assembly of stands
17-18.09.2023   from 8.00 a.m. 10.00 p.m.
19.09.2023 from 8.00 a.m. 11.00 p.m. - until 3.00 p.m. all "dirty" assembly works should be completed
20.09.20232   from 8.00 a.m. till 8.00 p.m. – all "dirty" assembly work is prohibited on this day!
Failure to comply with the above requirement will result in the Organiser carrying out cleaning works at the cost and risk of the exhibitor/stand contractor.

The Stand Contractor extending the assembly works beyond the hours specified in the exhibition regulations will be charged for additional work on the pavilion for each commenced hour of the extension and for additional pavilion security. The scope of protection shall be determined by the Organiser.

After completion of stand assembly, the shell scheme contractor is obliged to carry out cleaning work (vacuuming, tidying, removal of protective film, etc.).

The Organiser reserves the right to modify the hours of assembly and disassembly of stands for technical and organisational reasons.

Dismantling of stands

23.09.2023 from 6.00 p.m. till midnight (*)
24.09.2023 from 8.00 p.m. till 3.00 p.m.

(*) The dismantling of the stand before the end of the exhibition is forbidden. It may start at the earliest 2 hours after the closing of the exhibition to the public.

After the dismantling is finished, the Executor/Exhibitor shall remove all remains after dismantling and remove the assembly tapes from the hall floor in their entirety. Only tapes which allow for their complete removal from the floor shall be used.

In accordance with 7.2.7 of CEDE 2023 Exhibition Regulations the Exhibitor/Stand contractor is obliged to remove from the exhibition area and dispose of by his own means any waste left after the disassembly of the stand, if the stand construction is made with the use of wooden elements, wood-based panels, e.g. OSB, HDF, HDM, cardboard-plaster construction or other elements of bulky structures.
The Exhibitor/Stand contractor may commission the Organiser, for an additional fee, to dispose of such waste only if the Organiser has means and confirms such a possibility. The amount of the additional fee will be determined according to the principle: quantity of m3 of waste x price of 1 m3 of their disposal.
Such declaration can be made by filling in an appropriate field in the E Form or in the Z Form prior to the beginning of the exhibition.
The charge of this fee does not exempt the Exhibitor/Stand contractor from the payment of:
a) the lump sum fee
b) the waste collection fee.

Rules of entry to EXPO-Łódź, assembly ID collection

Admission to the EXPO-Łódź area during stand assembly and dismantling is possible on the basis of assembly badges and entry cards ordered in Form Z – "Registration of the stand constructor". Upon your arrival at the EXPO-Łódź, please contact Mr Marek Wiktorowski in order to collect them.



Organizer’s representatives supervising stand construction and dismantling:
Marek Wiktorowski - mobile phone +48 668 828 838,  e-mail: