Dental Expo CEDE 2019 statistics

CEDE 2019 statistics

Statistics are an inseparable element of each exhibition summary. Exactus presents them annually officially, without doubt that it's also important material for analysis for many CEDE participants. What do the facts say? 193 companies participated in the CEDE 2019 exhibition. Stands area took exactly 4 750 sq m. CEDE organisers - meticulously as usual - counted all entries divided into guests who registered and returned at least once at the gates of the Poznań International Fair with a free admission card and participants with "exhibitor" status. According to the system, there were 10 616 people in total. Separate statistics were created by exhibitors who generated 3 870 entries in three days. In addition to Poles, the most numerous nations participating in the exhibition were: Germany, Irish, Italians, Ukrainians and Norwegians. Of course, the largest professional group that came to the exhibition were dentists, the vast majority without dental specialisation. It's worth noting that when registering, nearly half a thousand people choose "hygienist" as the profession. The top 5 cities of exhibition participants are: Poznań, Warsaw, Szczecin, Łódź and Wrocław.