Why the Patient’s Area?

For years during CEDE we have been pursuing an educational mission among patients. So far, we have invited them to screenings for oral cancers, which we have carried out together with our Partners. The number of patients referred for further diagnostics proves how important and necessary this project was. This year, as part of the Virtual Dental Exhibition by CEDE, we have invited patients from all over Poland, including leaders of the most important patient organisations, to participate in the educational part of the project under the motto: Health begins in the mouth! We will certainly continue and develop this theme during next year's edition of CEDE.

Of course, depending on the development of the epidemiological situation, the Patient Area will be implemented in a stationary or hybrid formula to ensure the greatest possible safety and comfort for all participants.

What's in the Patient's Area:

√ Education of patients of different ages according to the motto: Health begins in the mouth

√ Raising public awareness of the importance of oral health for the whole body

√ Debates, workshops, advice and expert consultations

√ Involvement of patient organisations from all over Poland

√ Implementation of screening tests Basic dental check-ups

√ Advice on prophylaxis and dental treatment

√ Presentations of health promotion programmes

√ Special offers to purchase dental products or services