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Loser & Co GmbH

Benzstrasse 1 c
51381 Leverkusen

Tel: 49 2171706670
Fax: 49 2171706666
E-mail: info@loser.eu
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Loser & Co GmbH

Loser & Co GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of top quality dental products. Since more than 29 years, the company has been a competent and dependable partner, offering the best products from leading manufacturers.

In order to solidify their position in the European market, their range of products for the dental professionals is being constantly expanded.

The steady growth and the loyalty of the clients is a sign that Loser well deserves the motto. A wide range of clever products, along with an excellent customer service are central to the Loser philosophy.

Loser & Co. is working closely with the dental trade. The following Companies are represented by Loser Medicom, Panadent, Zirc, Ubrush, WAM, EDS and ProSafe.


    Equipment and machinery for dental office
  • articulators and face-bows
  • dental mirrors
    Consumer products for dental office
  • cements
  • conservative dentistry instruments
  • endodontic instruments
  • oral hygiene instruments
  • rubber-dam
    Personal protective equipment
  • caps
  • gloves
  • masks

EDS Dental - United States
Medicom BV - Netherlands
Panadent - United States
ProSafe - United States
Ubrush - Netherlands
WAM - France
Zirc Dental Products Inc. - United States

Malgorzata Rusek
Tel: 06085 50333
E-mail: mrusek@loser.de