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A.B. Berren - Handlowy Sp. z o.o.

Ogrodowa 22
05-816 Michałowice-Reguły

Tel: 48 227980318
Fax: 48 227230056
E-mail: berren@berren.pl
WWW: http://blanx.info.pl, biorepair.pl/

Stand: D3.2 (CEDE Arena - Zone A)
A.B. Berren - Handlowy Sp. z o.o.

BlanX – whitening-protective toothpaste range containing natural extracts from Icelandic Lichen.
Biorepair – toothpaste, which restore dental enamel and helps to reduce teeth hypersensivity. Based on nanotechnology in oral hygiene.
L’Angelica – toothpastes with extracts from natural ingredients of ecological origin.
Stomygen – cross-linked hyaluronic acid of bacterial origin in ready-to-use 3 sets of treatment: Basic, Texture, Revitalizer.

    Oral prophylaxis and hygiene
  • denture products
  • flosses
  • gum pain
  • hypersensitivity
  • mouthwashes
  • other
  • toothbrushes
  • toothpastes

Coswell S.P.A. - Italy

Barbara Wysokińska
Tel: 48 501375531
E-mail: berren@berren.pl