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AnGer G&A Gerard Wójcicki Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjne

ul. Długa 64A, Szczyglice
32-083 Balice

Tel: 48 126265355
Fax: 48 126265360
E-mail: export@anger.com.pl
WWW: http://www.anger.com.pl/

AnGer G&A Gerard Wójcicki Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjne

AnGer G&A Enterprise produce: ENDOPIN – crinckle-cut pin for impressions of prepared tooth canals – also very tight, Amazing flexible and strong Polyester Crown Forms- don't stick to any fillings materials, Shaped Matrices for Class II, Self-locking Matrices designed to use without any other tools, Transparent Tapes, Tofflemire matrices, Metal Tapes (Matrix Bands), Flexible Scalers- fully or sectional perforated metal tapes to remove the stain from interdental spaces- ideal for contact points, Polyester Scaler- alternative to a dental floss, Interdental Wedges (light-conductive or flexible elastic) don't absorb saliva or blood and are easy to wash, Polyester Cones for root-core reconstruction, Wall and desk clocks, Tooth-shaped mirrors, key-rings.

    Consumer products for dental office
  • disposable articles
  • oral hygiene instruments