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Orto Trading Tomasz Włodarczyk

Husarii 11B
02-951 Warszawa

Tel: 48 226518409
E-mail: biuro@ortotrading.com.pl

Tel: 604 593940

Stand: D7.4 (CEDE Arena - Zone A)
Orto Trading Tomasz Włodarczyk

Orto Trading is the exclusive distributor of the innovative BlancOne teeth whitening preparation.

As the only one we can offer a brightening treatment that can be performed immediately after oral hygiene treatment. This is possible due to the low concentration of BlancOne material
(16% carbamide peroxide) and the extraordinary delicacy with which it acts on the teeth.
There is no hypersensitivity after the procedure and there is no need for a "white diet".

When whitening with our preparations, no gingival barrier is required, so the procedure is very simplified and lasts only 10 minutes!

Orto Trading
Husarii 11 B, 02-951 Warsaw, Poland
tel. 22 651 84 09, 604 59 39 40, 696 62 00 63
email: biuro@ortotrading.com.pl

    Consumer products for dental office
  • bleaching products
    Oral prophylaxis and hygiene
  • toothbrushes

Tomasz Włodarczyk
Tel: 602 775704
E-mail: ortotrading@ortotrading.com.pl