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City Park Hotel & Residence


City Park Hotel & Residence is a five-star hotel, a SPA zone with the mark of the French brand of l'Occitaine, Whisky Bar 88 – designated the best hotel bar in Poland, CUCINA Restaurant – awarded 14 points and two caps in the Gault&Millau guide, CAPPUCCINA cafe – one of few ones with its own confectionery shop, UŁAN BROWAR – a restaurant with a brewery, featuring a stage, pool tables, and chillout zone. Our romantic flower shop – Ministerstwo Kwiatów and extremely feminine beauty parlour – MANI LA also welcome guests who appreciate exquisite quality. The mall at Wyspiańskiego 26 street, in the Classic Building’s ground floor, accommodates many boutiques with premium women’s and men’s clothing, a renown travel agency, a barber shop, as well as a Japanese and an Indian restaurant. All these venues are within a short walking distance...


Stary Browar

Nearly 200 stores, dozens of restaurants and cafes, exceptional event and exhibition space, 8 movie theatres, a five-star Blow Up Hall 5050 hotel, music clubs and a historic park - everything in one place in the heart of Poznan, in remarkable architectural interiors of the 19th century Hugger’s brewery.


Stare Miasto

The Old Market Square (Stary Rynek) and its surroundings are among the most interesting places to see in Poznań. The Renaissance town hall, old houses, charming side streets, numerous museums, monuments, cafes and people walking about - all of them create the unique atmosphere of the place. The gabled houses surrounding the square were reconstructed after World War 2 in the Baroque and Renaissance styles.


CK Zamek

ZAMEK Culture Centre (CK Zamek) »
ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań is one of the largest cultural institutions in the country. Each year, the institution hosts 2,500 events which both showcase and stimulate the development of the most interesting phenomena in culture. The spaces and interiors of ZAMEK are a venues where one sees the interfacing and mutually complementary presence of visual arts, theatre, film, music and literature.  The programme relies both on the tried and tested forms of expression (e.g. concerts, performances, exhibitions, soirees and literary meetings, film screenings) as well as on experimental artistic undertakings by embarking on new types of activities, often site-specific ones. These ventures are much aided by ZAMEK’s artist-in-residence programme.


Ostrów Tumski

The beginnings of the Polish state are Ostrów Tumski in Poznań. Ostrów in Old Polish means island and tum - cathedral. According to most historians, Ostrów Tumski is the place of the baptism of Poland. Today's Ostrów Tumski in Poznań is a place from which almost all tourists start visiting the city. Currently, you can also see the oldest cathedral in Poland and several old and modern museums.


Rogale Marcińskie

is a vibrant centre cultivating Poznan's tradition and culture. Located in the very centre of the city it offers fantastic views of the City Hall Tower with its legendary mechanical fighting goats. This is the place to be for everyone who wants to know Poznan better and quickly become familiar with its symbols, especially the famous St Martin Croissants. We create a friendly and casual atmosphere and ensure our guests have fun and enjoy this hands-on experience. Prepare and taste St Martin Croissants!


Jezioro Maltańskie Termy Maltańskie


Not far from the centre, in the eastern part of the city, there are favourite recreation areas of the Poznań residents. At their core is Malta Lake, an artificial reservoir created in 1952 as a result of damming of the Cybina River. The popular Malta owes its name to the former owners of the land – the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. For centuries, the order, famous throughout Europe for providing medical care for the ill, was headquartered on the sunny island of Malta. Therefore, the noble knights – Hospitallers, were later frequently referred to as the Knights of Malta; the name of the lake and its surrounding leisure areas was directly coined from the fabulous island in the Mediterranean…


Royal-Imperial Route
The Royal-Imperial Route is a trail of Poznan’s most fascinating sights. It offers a spectacle starring the city and the forty generations of people who have built it. It enables the viewer to witness the majesty of the millennium-old city of Poznań. It tells the story about “reaching for the crown” and succeeding in the pursuit of one’s plans.